Game of Touch !!!

A small memoir on an interesting ride with a new friend.recollecting this completely crazy act of a hidden naughty character within always brings a smile to the face.


There is this feeling of warmth or a sense of closeness from holding one other, but does it apply for someone not so close besides you ?

Sitting next to a new friend while  travelling  back home late night ,we were badly tired after attending a common friend’s wedding celebration . I was busy  indulged in pleasing the sleep god , it happens to somehow disrupt my amateur sleep when her shoulder hits mine . Assuming our lazy bodies not so interested in making any efforts to balance back quickly , I am aware of her accidental swings made everytime the while the car hits the rough road on our way. Sounds normal right ! Nothing to notice out here. But here’s a crazy story making its way certainly not planned in my schedule . The feminine touch was all that kept the naughty boy in me consciously interested in the act . Later drowning into our sleep, the touch seems to damp the oscillations and now our shoulders hold each others support and somehow giving birth to a sense of comfort here innocently ignoring  it hence didn’t hesitate either  lying without making  efforts for separation. As time ages in minutes ,the touch grows steadily firm as the urge to resist the drift comes conscious to mind making sure air has no place to reside in there. Our drowning heads were almost on the verge of collision ,somehow stops my sloppy fall .To understand the objective behind this strange comforting experience, I make an attempt to hold the gap now , Sooner then expected I get my senses tickle the brain helping me smile wide behind the lips while the friendly shoulder again moved near to me to find mine. Pleased with not being alone in this funny play. Now the shoulders resting like a tight hug between the two with the silent acceptance they offered , Holding their promises everytime against the minuscle disturbances  in the way. Here comfort shaping its way to a soothing experience somehow  helps me enjoy the ride and happily waiting for a pleasant sleep to take over. But here’s the catch , a strange feeling arised to find my head on her friendly shoulder, with the excuse of falling in innocent sleep not really understanding whose playing inside with me. Few failed attempts with fear heavily dominating my efforts , I eventually get settled down with the present moment. Sleep eventually leads the battle over me and I fall a sleep there. Finally destiny helps this play conclude , leaving me curious to know what  was it actually at the end.

Unable to explain the juggling of  heart during this unorthodox play. It equally seems difficult  to judge it’s intentions for the actions  . Also raises a question whether anything similar was felt by the other half or was it just her sleep fooling with me :p .

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