Indeed a Valentine !!

Very special piece of my life experiences which I will embrace for life. “My Valentine story.”


Just chattering as always the night before Valentine’s , while she is on her way back home from the office and me chilling out on a walk in my training campus. And this duration generally  use to be the only time spared for me specially to talk about our day . Patience is also something inherently we gained due to the endless call drops while she travels in the metro. Dragging our talk finally to our favourite topic for the day , thinking whether there is  anything interesting  to watch out for tomorrow’s special day.

Both of us were flirting with each other naming the people we can comfortably giggle at, somehow trying to hint atleast we could be happy sharing some time unless our fantasies come to life. The talk had definitely caught my ears on something that would have made her day memorable for life and indeed mine too has I always used to find ways to make her feel special, giving myself the pleasure I had being addicted to. She imagined what if that Canadian charm would remember her tomorrow, I don’t think she even recalled about this fairy tale again after laughing it out , and why would she ?. How can a 40 year old guy married and  even with kids would think of this girl sitting oceans away on Valentine’s day. This guy was a chief speaker at an international conference we attended months ago. Infact she met him once for a couple of minutes that too on all her desperate attempts to get a vivid glance of her Mr.Perfect. Luckily she succeeded to grab his business card for any communications in future. She couldn’t stop bragging  for her achievement front of me. But somehow this tiny wierd fantasy moved me and it meant like the only purpose of my life to bring it to reality 😀

I really do question my sanity thinking of it now . So now it had to be an exceptional message to least make the Canadian mind understand who don’t even know whether a guy named V (alias for me ) even existed in this very same world , requesting him to greet this girl most likely to be remembered only for her beautifull Indian name attached with her I guess. I was laughing at myself while thinking of the possibility how this god damn thing would actually happen. I don’t even know what time is it in Canada and left with  this only night expecting him to reply positively for my stupid request.
Somehow gathered some courage to reach out to him by an email, and here comes the toughest part of them all ,how to approach him about it.How would on earth someone could understand this idea and respond to it. Here’s the email conversation –




(Remark : Unfortunately the image size constraint makes it difficult to read. You can open the image link on a new tab and zoom it ,and enjoy the funny conversation. )

Just before dropping off the bed , the much awaited response pops on my phone.The magic stick has been wound over the hat now and I just have to wait for the rabbit to pop out of the hat tomorrow. Pleased with my efforts , I crash onto my bed for the early rise.

Finally the day arrived hoping nothing but for the magic to happen. Had a day off and she was in her office. Had no plans for meeting tonight , so still no words exchanged from the morning. Afternoon I left with my buddies for a movie ,anxiously waiting for the call the whole time, during the climax my mobile rings I was smiling for ears to ears just looking at the screen, quickly left the movie screen to answer the call , here all my acting skills came into picture . Actually realized at that time how acting normal is just so tough sometimes. She speaks happily about her day routine, and asks me to  guess what happened , I broke into that crooked laugh covering it by  -“Haan tere saath hua hai to definitely kuch crazy hua hoga like always..”

She laughed her heart out, asked me to guess her amazing story . Me the story writer myself had to come up with all those poor stories to prove myself wrong to give her the upper hand, she taunts me that I know her even better and I need to try more . To just get her on her toes , I acted to guess about something from Patrick (our Canadian guy) and she’s like how can you think about it , me with no further explanation just praise myself for getting  it right . After hearing her all and knowing it would finally end the day for us as the call cuts off. I just quickly say –  I need to tell you something , can we meet if possible not having the slightest hint which station she would be has she was in metro while we were talking, she asks me about my place and tell me to meet at my nearest metro station which is on the way to her destination. Me not knowing what’s happening run outside to find my friends waiting outside calling me since the movie was already over by then. I met them apologized them to leave while they were trying to hold me to know what’s going on. I leave from there completely out of my mind , finding for shops to get something for her but couldn’t stop more as atleast I shouldn’t make her wait now .
I slide into the rickshaw reaching the station ,still in search of something to have in hand , jump into a small outlet outside metro buying some chocolates she might like rather cursing myself later .
Hiding in the crowd she suddenly appears in front of me by surprise ,exchanging those whole hearted smiles . Both where in black again, cracking down at the coincidence.I think black meant something else for us . Finally decoded the whole truth to her making her jaw drop with this whole thing .Best of it , I get to know she had already left my station while talking on phone and she had took a return back again to meet ,this made me feel like I already received my present from her and nothing more could be expected now and then quickly we took the next train so that she reach home on time as she would never try to make her mom concern with her delay. Discussing the whole story in depth we reached the desired station .Now  she had to catch the other train now and my journey had to end there ,praying hard the almighty to stop this time for atleast today ,.Not willing to leave at all, I managed her to leave a couple of train still, but that couldn’t help any longer. Accepting the ugly truth ,shaking  a tightful hand and endless good byes , with the inching  distance of separation I call her name, she turns around .With my heart pounding so fast at that moment , I hesitantly ask her – Can I hug you ?  Completely unprepared for it she utters quietly- Not here in public , I am Sorry . Exchanging uncomfortable smiles , I quickly  turn around and walk away not turning back , having absolute no courage to do so.. I do wonder was she still waiting for me to look back.

After sitting back  in the train , being restless with how it ended I call her immediately , she lifts the call  and the silence just breaks out into laughter over the most embarrassing moment we faced in front of each other .At last  everything seemed  to be sorted now without  a word exchanged.


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