In the quest of superior Me !!

Interesting memoir , an accidental journey in my experience related to a topic that never leaves to amuse me.


With the end of this week on time scale , its difficult to scale the run on the spiritual path.  All my prejudice about the truth of life were put to test for the very first time. This struggling mind was unable to fathom the complexity of life and just touching the surface of reality wasn’t enough to quench it’s thirst. The week-long program was a result of attraction towards an another piece of life whose wisdom and perception never failed to bring moments of epiphany each time I watch his talks on Youtube. Accidentally get to know his foundation is organizing a program nearby , my curiosity dragged me to the event to understand the methodology he is preaching to these amateur urban yogis trying to rise above  the ocean of chaos they are drowning deep into. Does Yoga really transform this mass of flesh accumulated over a period of time after stealing from the nature , into an individual able to perceive and understand the real truth ? But it has benefitted guru as he claims , the result is what he projects to the world .

Was quite nervous like the first day of school surrounded by new faces all around and even excited to be the youngest student in the class. A young  white foreigner to lead us through the program was something unexpected for me.  To start with exercising the physical form of yoga which I suppose is not just the whole aspect of yoga but I could just manage to grasp its physical nature until then, with an addition to it leaving my random sway of thoughts for a while which I believe to be natural as being involved kept me away from worldly motions. After the Upayoga practices we were asked to pay attention to the screens. A smile runs along with the appearance of the familiar stranger on the screen who roped me to the very present state of my existence. How crazy it is , someone explaining an illogical truth to these logical idiots. That’s what make him the rescuer for us . He defined the word “Responsibility” literally and Ahh!! shouts the mind yeah that’s what it always meant as the Ability to Respond . For any given case my natural ability to respond can be in any possible form . Anger , love , compassion , empathy, bliss everything is sourced within , and  any wise man alive can understand what’s better for his well-being and others. Giving the freedom to a limitless approach to respond to any subject brings the best in me , then why be angry since you have the option not to be. Being angry we simply poison ourself thinking it will kill its victim. We were asked to exercise this topic for the whole day and share the experiences within groups as our homework for next day. Didn’t expect my first experience to appear just outside the centre. I was waiting along the roadside for an auto , one of the lady participant comes up for help with the lift ,  thanking her I pass down the offer since our paths were different. Felt good with the incident .Even the bargain for auto fare wasn’t the same like before , had interesting  observations all day long in my pocket to share.

The next day was just a real shake to my thinking capability . Understanding the concept of Moments of Happiness . Able to unravel the truth  behind all the happy moments in our past experiences was amazing. To brief it down,  its accepting the moment completely the way it is. Just differentiating the life period to every single moment, looking at the very current moment .This moment cannot be of any other form than it is now isn’t it so ?  We can’t do anything to it . In this moment lies the entire creation of the creator ,and this moment is what we have in the form of existence ,both previous moment and the next moment don’t exist in reality. Right now This Moment is Inevitable isn’t it ? Which moment you are looking at ,Look at this one. No not that , This one. Not that , this one I am talking about. It is the way it is , were you able to change it ? Either working for changing the  moment or thinking about the previous moment but the present moment is untouched . If you accept the present moment wholly you will never be distressed or anxious about anything. Every moment in your experience is happening for the first time in the entire cosmos since the universe is never the same for very next moment in your experience. Your whole lifetime can be spent blissfully just being aware about it  for every conscious moment of yours.

The third day kicks off with all the positive energy from yesterday’s phenomenal experience . The session is always preceded by  a prayer not familiar to my vocabulary. I never tried to find its interpretation before its first verse once appeared on TV. Later ,its found to be Shanti Mantra written in our Upanishads. So with the progressive practices we were preparing for the final form to be performed couple of days later.

On the  fourth day of the program ,the session ended with the announcement that the 5th day to be a Sunday scheduled for the  entire day at their Delhi center for the final procedure of the kriya. The conveyance for the early morning travel was a concern for me. Thinking about the possible options, it hits my mind and I reach out to the lady who offered me the drive on the very first day. She was busy completing her homework . She looks and smiles at me knowing my purpose beforehand , quickly accepts the request and I am all set for the finale.

With early special preparation for the day-long session , I drop into the car and we make our way to the centre , had a brief interaction en route knowing each other till we reach the destination. The scenic pathway as we just enter through the gates was pleasing enough to find something like this amidst of a city like Delhi. We were instructed to walk through the trees following the path. And as the view clears I am like What the Hell ! People all circled playing freebies , my legs couldn’t hold and I just run to join the play. I was surprised to see our instructor having fun in all casual completely opposite to the attire she used to follow at the sessions. Everyone no matter their age where enjoying all the games like little kids, you can imagine the average age group coming for the program like this and I never felt so comfortable playing with all strangers understanding the diverse backgrounds. We end up for breakfast which disappoints these hungry kids expecting some delicious food , for an unorthodox healthy meal . Later we hang out in the garden enjoying the morning breeze. Had a good talk with some individuals , largely with Mrs Vanita continuing our talk where we left off in the car ,enjoyed  some funny stories of her naughty kid.

Session started with a great talk by guru and detailed process of our kriya to be performed. Revising our practices learned during the week , we were prepared to experience the so-called higher conscious state. As a preparatory practice we were left outside the yoga room in the garden for a while with the constraint to avoid any form of interaction with the participants ,not even looking at each other. The atmosphere was filled with complete silence , I managed to distract myself looking at the trees , an ant dragging a leaf caught my attention and I was lost into its act till we were told to return back to the room.

The experience of the kriya is a bit difficult to explain as I really don’t know what was it to be frank. We were unaware of what we were going to experience actually. That’s make it difficult to judge whether was it the way it was intended to be. How do you know what to experience unless you are told what the experience is actually ? Little do  I know for a small span of time my mental  focus was at its peak and I felt like I am not able to hold so much energy and I will lose it anytime. I can’t explain why the body trembled at such state or was it just a delusion ,I don’t know exactly. The session concludes with a group photo to break the ice and make people comfortable lost in themselves . Even felt quite awkward interacting about the experience. Lunch was arranged , and lately guru’s concluding talk on the screen wrapped the event . Finally an interesting day coming to an end.Had to report back to the old venue for next couple of days to practice on our own.

We leave back in the car  and  also a couple of people accompany us in the ride. Here’s a funny incident happened , while on our way Vanita happens to ask this lady – Did u felt anything ,while performing the Kriya ? The lady replies – Yeah actually I did , Headache !    I just crack down unable to control my laughter . Never expected something like that coming.

There isn’t anything to come up with to explain the whole experience . Its was simply different for me. I believe such experiences shape our perception and we never remain the same , that’s what growth is all about.

Amazing week altogether !!

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