Mirror, Mirror on the Wall !

Mirror mysteries are always fascinating, Imagine the mirror that always reflects the obvious truth if someday shows up with something that you don’t believe in. It will freak the hell out of you.


“My mirror, you look suprised today.

 What’s the matter ? 

I see nothing unusual to my appearance that should concern you.

But your gaze somehow indicates I am unable to see the obvious right away.

Are you sure something is unfamiliar or is it just a mere illusion of yours ?

As I see everything is still the same –

The heart is no less broken than before.

The eyes are still dry and pale tired of crying. 

The dark circles can’t get any darker with the countless nights devoid of sleep.

The hair is all shabby and mess and the beard has grown long over the years.

The smile is invisible as if the lip line never knew it could get any wider.

The skin has long lost its glow beyond repair.

Then, What’s the difference ?

Your fear is driving me crazy besides you are the only one I could trust these days.

I wish I could see the difference and rather get suprised by you.”

As he drops his head down disappointed, deep inside he knew what the mirror meant to say but didn’t have the courage to acknowledge it. After all he couldn’t stop thinking about this girl he met last night and who seems to demolish these walls he built around himself again making him vulnerable and weak and he definitely holds no strength anymore to bare the pain again. This girl simply challenged his prejudice about love and the idea of giving up on someone he defined love was difficult for him to even think about . True love is meant to happen only once , is what he made himself to believe all this years. 

And the truth revealed by the mirror stood against this belief. Knowing the mirror would always reflect this inevitable change for forever now ,it is just the matter of time when he will stand in consensus with the mirror , he tries hard to hold his tears and looks back into the mirror but this time it’s with the smile of acceptance and the change is visible.

Shhh ! Koi hai…

It’s difficult to face the unexpected , I actually fell on my knees in front of this mighty visitor

Seldom do I wonder out of curiosity what its like to experience death or what do we might go through in our minds during those final seconds to mortality,knowing nothing will matter any more now. I think the beauty of this experience lies in the utmost freedom it provides as you are left free with emotions devoid of any kind of influences, and you’ll never be thinking about it ever again.

Look at the irony , the poor guy himself is not available to witness the end. Funny isn’t it? đŸ™‚

My horror story as usual is unusual, occurred one fine early morning. Here I am busy dealing with tremors of sleep , not willing to wake up so soon as I had the pleasure to wake up late that day. Even my blocked nose made it difficult to help me with my sleep. I am somehow aware mom’s awake . At some instant , I find myself under my covers and I am able to hear mom in the adjacent room  but all that captures my attention is that I’m hearing someone snoring near me , and it couldn’t be anyone other than her, as she normally snores too.

Before I make any reflexes to witness it, suddenly I feel a whole lot of weight over my body like someone sitting over me .I just freak out, I am stuck and my body is dead resistant unable to move even a millimeter . I am trying to shout like hell but no success there too ,seems like my voice box  ceased to function anymore. I am struggling to breathe now, unable to engulf any air inside. It all felt like I am nearing to the end,  and this dreadful fear of losing myself once and for all ,collapses my strength to strive for life and left me on the mercy of faith. Finally I just give up the battle knowing it would result into no other way than my loss. I wished I could speak someone to before leaving and end up closing my eyes not sure whether they would ever seek light again.

No wonder I couldn’t think anything about my journey or people or anything else , all I just wanted was – Some Air to become my Breath.

Suddenly I jump off my bed making whole-hearted efforts to breathe and try to hold myself together. Completely stunned with the whole episode, I start asking mom some weird questions to get some clue about this absurd experience, but all that freaked me out was the sense of weight over my body and the loss of breath. I grab my phone and try to find some answers online. Later I come to know science has termed this phenomenon as   ” Sleep Paralysis ” , it helped me understand the whole scenario and I felt comfortable about not being the lone survivor in this paranormal adventure of pseudo death.

I hope by now you might have solved the mystery behind the snoring heard besides me. :p

*** THE END ***