You and I let’s become friends !

I wonder were you could find the best conversations coming from two individuals. Whether at a coffee table or at some silent bar or just an evening walk along the public park ? I usually hunt for such talks over coffee with friends.
Not always you are accompanied by someone with your coffee , and it was one of those silent table moments where the warmth of the coffee mug between the palms fills up the void of a companion. Even the empty chair is usually lent to the other table in need. But somehow today it has no taker yet .
Then suddenly I see a soul approaching my table. I presume it’s for the chair to be traded. But to my surprise , he asks for sharing the table with me. My eyes turn wide open cause I have never encountered such thing before. I point towards the chair foolishly to this guy who has bombed into my table and to be frank talking to strangers is not my thing at all.
An awkward silence sets in for a moment before we break into a half-hearted smile to acknowledge one’s presence. I’m thinking in my head its possibly happening because there’s no table empty but my sight calls it for a fraud since there are tables lying vacant around. This is totally weird !  As our nonverbal dialect finally breaks into words I get to know he is aware that I come here regularly. Curiosity kicks in to understand what I’m really getting into. I immediately order a coffee for him but he politely declines it for his love for tea. Great ! shouts my mind, atleast an argument over tea vs coffee will easily set us up for a talk over the table. Before I get into say, my mind skips it and I end up asking his name. He says, “My name is Father ” . “Father? What a strange name ! What does it mean ? ” I ask. He replies, “I don’t know , I’m trying to figure it out. ” A guy with an interesting name would definitely have some interesting story to tell. I pop up the question , “So what’s your story ? ” .
 As the last sip of coffee gulps down my throat , his incredible story comes to an end . I take a deep breath to settle down the lump in my throat and gather myself. And the moment that follows meets with a deafening silence which was much more significant than the noise of words. His story was so similar to mine , I almost felt like it’s my story and only his words.
Born on the exact day as mine , I wonder how such details could even match. I know like every other child I came crying into this world , likewise even he did shed tears on that day. He said “In the initial months , everything was new and first-hand in experience. You don’t know what’s going on. ”  I assume I must have felt the same too. Then arrived the playful years of life. Buying new toys, enjoying funny faces and mimics . He would play with those inanimate toys all day with sheer excitement and also get sad if any toy gets broken just like me. Fun fact – even he used to hate homework  but would certainly be sitting with the books the night before exams. And finally as you hit the adolescent age , life started to taste sour lemons . Suddenly he felt like people are not getting what he’s trying to say. Opinions were usually found to  be perceived aggressively which lead to bitter arguments. Due to the lack of common interests , communication reduces to an extent were you feel like being ignored for everything. You feel deceived by the idea of love and end up hurting yourself. Life brings you to a point , were just expressing yourself becomes a Herculean task . The struggle becomes painful and leaves you crippled from within but you can’t help it. And this is when you beg life for atleast one person who could get it what it’s like to be me, cause everyone around has failed to understand . Probably that’s how he ended up at this table to sort of find a way to ease out his pain and make things bearable.
The sigh of despair could sum up everything he wanted to say but couldn’t say it. My empathy for this soul couldn’t hold up to myself and got immediately reflected through my eyes. He tapped me over my shoulder looking at the watery eyes and tried to cheer me up.
He asked me for my name. “Son ” I said.
The name clearly amused him and here followed the question “What does it mean ? ” .
I said ” I’m too trying to figure it out. ” . The two of us instantly break into this whole-hearted laughter .
Today’s table has definitely witnessed the best conversation ever between two very identical life stories. And how better could this end with –
Father and Son becoming friends .

​If I were you !!

So when does this battle begin ? It happens everyday, in every little instance. In all likelihood they’ll always stand to differ

He accompanies me while on my way to work and back home generally, fortunately he is free all the time and me on the other side simply occupied with my routines and other stuffs. It’s usually the same journey which follows everyday until one fine day it changed forever. Here’s how our journey began as we step out from my house that day –

Episode 1: We arrive at the auto-stand to reach the railway station .While waiting for an auto to arrive, He points me to this guy waiting behind me in the queue, looking at his watch every second impatiently, might be late for some real important assignment. He hints me to make a move upfront to help the poor guy skip the queue to save him some time there. But I somehow fail to gather enough courage to ask and I quietly slide into the auto as it arrives.

Episode 2: We rush to the railway platform since I’m bit late today. He distracts my sight towards this penurious lady sitting  with her infant in her lap near the walls of the platform, might be in need for some food to feed her child. He gives this look as if I probably know what he might say now but I disgracefully look down and make my way with the crowd as soon as the train enters the platform.

Episode 3: We catch our bus en route, today it’s quite crowded and I’m fortunate enough to enjoy this window seat. And suddenly he turns my head towards this stranger who is profusely sweating and exhausted as if he just ran a marathon to catch this bus, looks like he might need my seat more than me for now. But I simply turn my head back again through the window pane.

Episode 4: We get down at our bus stop and start walking towards our office premises along the footpath. He calls for my attention towards a skinny guy struggling to pull the loaded cart behind him on road . I carry this sympathetic look and simply enter the gates of my office.

Episode 5 : After a hectic day, we friends were enjoying ice-creams along the roadside. He asks me to notice the poor kid walking away disappointed, looks like he just fell short of few more coins to buy an ice cream for himself. I just stand and act like a spectator there.

Episode 6: While walking towards our building stairs, I usually avoid looking at this particular balcony. I know I will find this old little man sitting on his chair carrying that same old impassive look for years since I remember. I always struggle to make a comfortable gesture to him. Pretty well acquainted with this shortcoming he still provokes me by purpose. I accept my defeat and walk straight towards the stairs.

Disturbed with all the incidences he tried to indulge me into today. I make him stand in front of me and question his intent behind this play. His witty smile further gets me annoyed and furious. He softly utters “If I were you, it wouldn’t have been the same for you as well as for few others today,dear friend”. I just collapse down to my knees in tears because he was none other than myself in front of me. I was equally petrified with the one residing within me the whole time.  And there I finally discovered these two identities confronting each others.

Sometimes you need to lose some mind to win some heart.”

Hello !

NO, I’m not calling someone here and not even close to something about Adele too, if you have mistakenly landed there. 😉

“HELLO”, The word sounds complete right! but still seems to be incomplete in itself, isn’t it. I believe things have never ended with Hello. It comes with something when called upon. And that’s where I’m interested in . We hear it countless times , and hardly bother to notice it specifically. It sounded the same each time but never meant to be the same.

This is what I managed to notice in there –

A “Hello” comes with love , when the old ears recognizes her son sitting oceans away and earning well for a living.

A  “Hello” comes with anger , when you make her wait at the coffee shop.

A  “Hello” comes with blush , when the new found love find reasons to hear from you.

The same feels annoying , when the customer care  disturbs every now then.

A “Hello” comes with joy , to hear from your little one who recently learned to say Papa !

The same comes with sadness , when your bestie ain’t feeling good lately  with the happenings in her life.

A “Hello” comes with freedom , when a resignation is all you need to breathe again.

The same comes with defeat , when your ego tried to ruin your year-long friendship.

A “Hello” comes with hope , to know whether your sister’s medical reports turned out to be positive or not.

A “Hello” comes with fear , when its time you confess to your angry father about the broken antique radio.

A “Hello” comes with acting too , when you want to hang up on purpose . Hello! Hello! Hello !

A “Hello” comes with Goodbye , but you still  don’t want to end up the talk, although it lasted till the dawn.

And finally , A “Hello” comes to get you people read this one.

Thank You.